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StarGame Alpha V0.0.6


+ added another kind of alien: green ones are bad (shoot them and you get points), blueish ones are good (don’t shoot – deduct points)

+ added saving and loading mechanism:

  • score is saved each time the player reaches the right end of the stage (level)
  • save file is at “C:\Users\*username*\Documents\StarGameSave.txt”
  • score is loaded from file every time the game starts

+ added sound feedback: when you shoot, a shooting sound plays

* internally added crashing mechanism (not yet active though)

* many improvements, bug fixes and optimizations (including window flickering)

How to play:

The key bindings are as follows

  • Arrow keys – move ship (white rectangle
  • Page up – activate weapons
  • Space key – shoot

Go to the right end of the window to complete the stage.
The game counts your score. When killing a green alien, you get 100 points. When killing a cyan alien, you lose 100 points. When completing a stage, your get 10 points and your score is saved.

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SpaceGame Alpha Snapshot v0.

Today, I am releasing a special preview (“snapshot”) of my work-in-progress Java game called “SpaceGame”.

Hiermit veröffentliche ich im Rahmen einer außerordentlichen Vorschau die neueste, stabile Version meines “SpaceGame” Java-Spiels!

Screenshot / Bildschirmfoto


Key bindings:

Arrow keys – move ship (white rectangle)
Page up – cheat
Page down – spawn alien (green triangle)
Space – fire (currently only works after cheating!)
Escape – quit game


Pfeiltasten – Raumschiff bewegen (weißes Rechteck)
Bild auf – schummeln/cheaten
Bild ab – Alien erzeugen
Leertaste – schießen (funktioniert im Moment nur nach cheaten!)
Escape (Esc) – Spiel verlassen

System requirements:

– latest version of Java
– fast graphics-card with a minimum of 1 TB of memory (less memory and integrated cards might cause lag!)
– at least 9 GB of RAM (less might cause lag, too!)
– 20 GB of free hard drive space


– neueste Java-Version
– schnelle Grafikkarte mit min. 1 TB Speicher (Bei weniger könnte es u. U. ruckeln!)
– min. 9 GB Arbeitsspeicher (Bei weniger könnte es u. U. ruckeln!)
– 20 GB freier Festplattenspeicher