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My Camera


For Christmas, I got a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX50V Digital Camera. It features a great 20 MP sensor with good low-light performance, 30x optical zoom, 1080p AVCHD video recording with stereo sound and many fancy capture modes and manually adjustable settings.
In addition, it is capable of Wi-Fi photo transfers and features automatic GPS geotagging.

A First Look

The camera, turned on. One can see the zoom lens.
The Sony DSC-HX50V after unboxing.

What’s in the box?

Next to the device itself, there is a *huge* manual in way too many languages, a USB cable and charging adapter, a wristband and the rechargeable battery. Nothing ground-breaking. Note that there is no SD Card included (!).

The Device

Holding it in my hands for the very first time was a great experience.
It feels to extraordinary good, I almost forgot it is plastic. Every detail, from the adjusting wheels over buttons to just the housing – all of it feels very high-grade and valuable.

First Snaps

That doesn’t stop at performance: the camera starts up relatively quickly and takes amazing images at up to 20 megapixels. Colors appear vivid on the 3″ high-resolution display and navigating through the menus is very comfortable and easy thanks to nice UI design and a lot of on-screen help texts. The so-called “In-Camera Guide” is nicely designed, too. No need for that chunk of a manual 😉 .
The few videos I recorded are of very high quality and rival the framerate of professional camcorders. However the “movie” button, which triggers video recording from anywhere, is poorly positioned. I found myself accidentally recording minutes of video after holding it wrong (not kidding, the button is where one would naturally place one’s thumb).

Wi-Fi picture transfer is very simple, I was able to copy photos to my iPhone from scratch in a matter of minutes using the PlayMemories Mobile app. Remote controlling the camera is fun, too.


The Sony DSC-HX50V is a solid digital camera that satisfies all your needs in photography at this price level.
If you’re looking for a nice companion to your DSLR or a nice and easy-to-use beginners camera that still has lots of manual options, this model is what you’re looking for.


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