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StarGame is coming to iOS!

StarGame Mobile Blank IconSo I’ve been taking online courses on iOS development with Swift (the Stanford lectures on iTunes U are amazing!). Since I have some experience in Java, learning Swift (Apple’s new programming language) wasn’t very hard. Some test projects included a maths homework helper app and a “Happiness” project from the Stanford lectures.

Anyways, what could I gather from  the projects is that my java game “StarGame” can definitely be ported to iOS!
In fact, the image above shows the (currently blank) “StarGame Mobile” app icon in the iOS Simulator.  However, don’t get too excited yet as closed beta testing might start this year and release is planned for 2016 at the earliest.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the StarGame Beta, a 2D side-scrolling game originally made for the desktop. If you have any comments or ideas, feel free to comment below or hit me up on Facebook and Twitter.

SpaceGame Alpha Snapshot v0.

Today, I am releasing a special preview (“snapshot”) of my work-in-progress Java game called “SpaceGame”.

Hiermit veröffentliche ich im Rahmen einer außerordentlichen Vorschau die neueste, stabile Version meines “SpaceGame” Java-Spiels!

Screenshot / Bildschirmfoto


Key bindings:

Arrow keys – move ship (white rectangle)
Page up – cheat
Page down – spawn alien (green triangle)
Space – fire (currently only works after cheating!)
Escape – quit game


Pfeiltasten – Raumschiff bewegen (weißes Rechteck)
Bild auf – schummeln/cheaten
Bild ab – Alien erzeugen
Leertaste – schießen (funktioniert im Moment nur nach cheaten!)
Escape (Esc) – Spiel verlassen

System requirements:

– latest version of Java
– fast graphics-card with a minimum of 1 TB of memory (less memory and integrated cards might cause lag!)
– at least 9 GB of RAM (less might cause lag, too!)
– 20 GB of free hard drive space


– neueste Java-Version
– schnelle Grafikkarte mit min. 1 TB Speicher (Bei weniger könnte es u. U. ruckeln!)
– min. 9 GB Arbeitsspeicher (Bei weniger könnte es u. U. ruckeln!)
– 20 GB freier Festplattenspeicher