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StarGame Alpha v0.0.8 – “Perhaps the greatest update ever” (not)

I’ve spent the past (two hours) weeks (not) rewriting (but still) optimizing the code, as well as (actually) adding some (small but notable) new features that (do) make the game act and feel more like a game.

Major improvements include:

+ Revamped gameplay: you now have three lives, but crash instantly when hitting an Asteroid
+ Info Messages! …at game start, crash and game over! Your top score out of the three tries you had is displayed at the game over screen. Continue reading StarGame Alpha v0.0.8 – “Perhaps the greatest update ever” (not)

StarGame Alpha 0.0.7 – The “You crashed!” Update

You’re right. This update finally enables collisions with asteroids. YEHA!


fixed collision checking, working and properly implemented now. You crash after the second collision with an asteroid and the game quits.

fixed alien hitbox: now all aliens you shoot do actually die!

+ fixed saving/loading mechanism: your score saves/loads on any operating system you might ever use!

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StarGame Alpha V0.0.6


+ added another kind of alien: green ones are bad (shoot them and you get points), blueish ones are good (don’t shoot – deduct points)

+ added saving and loading mechanism:

  • score is saved each time the player reaches the right end of the stage (level)
  • save file is at “C:\Users\*username*\Documents\StarGameSave.txt”
  • score is loaded from file every time the game starts

+ added sound feedback: when you shoot, a shooting sound plays

* internally added crashing mechanism (not yet active though)

* many improvements, bug fixes and optimizations (including window flickering)

How to play:

The key bindings are as follows

  • Arrow keys – move ship (white rectangle
  • Page up – activate weapons
  • Space key – shoot

Go to the right end of the window to complete the stage.
The game counts your score. When killing a green alien, you get 100 points. When killing a cyan alien, you lose 100 points. When completing a stage, your get 10 points and your score is saved.

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SpaceGame Alpha Snapshot v0.

Today, I am releasing a special preview (“snapshot”) of my work-in-progress Java game called “SpaceGame”.

Hiermit veröffentliche ich im Rahmen einer außerordentlichen Vorschau die neueste, stabile Version meines “SpaceGame” Java-Spiels!

Screenshot / Bildschirmfoto


Key bindings:

Arrow keys – move ship (white rectangle)
Page up – cheat
Page down – spawn alien (green triangle)
Space – fire (currently only works after cheating!)
Escape – quit game


Pfeiltasten – Raumschiff bewegen (weißes Rechteck)
Bild auf – schummeln/cheaten
Bild ab – Alien erzeugen
Leertaste – schießen (funktioniert im Moment nur nach cheaten!)
Escape (Esc) – Spiel verlassen

System requirements:

– latest version of Java
– fast graphics-card with a minimum of 1 TB of memory (less memory and integrated cards might cause lag!)
– at least 9 GB of RAM (less might cause lag, too!)
– 20 GB of free hard drive space


– neueste Java-Version
– schnelle Grafikkarte mit min. 1 TB Speicher (Bei weniger könnte es u. U. ruckeln!)
– min. 9 GB Arbeitsspeicher (Bei weniger könnte es u. U. ruckeln!)
– 20 GB freier Festplattenspeicher